Get your RYA sailing qualifications here. pilot cutter Pegasus reminding us why its work learning to sail and navigate. Dreaming of sailing offshore and going to new ports? get you Yachtmaster Theory during Coronavirus lockdown and be ready.

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Theory - an on-line course for experienced leisure or professional sailors

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Advanced Level RYA Sailing Courses - Distance Learning

"This course provides the experienced sailor with a large tool kit of skills to navigate a boat safely to ports and sailing grounds you have never been to before. It helps you plan sea journeys that might sail overnight or enter a new port in the dark. Your sailing world has just got bigger" Debbie RYA Principal, Classic Sailing

You need to have Day Skipper Theory at least before undertaking this course.
With this theory course you can expect to be able to plan and execute the navigation for any voyages - coastal and offshore to a distance within 60 miles of land. 

This is truely an international sailing qualification that gives you skills you can use anywhere in the world, apart from ocean sailing. It provides the foundation of knowledge needed for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore practical exam. 

Gaining a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competency (theory and practical exam passed) is a career qualification needed for many jobs at sea, so it really is worth learning the theory behind chartwork, meteorology, emergency communications and how to set up a crew and yacht equipment for heavy weather.

This course is provided by distance learning experts Navathome (Terms & Conditions)
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Is this the Right level Course for Me ?

The syllabus is the same on this course, whether you are aiming for Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore. 

The title of the certificate you can gain depends on how well you do in the exam at the end of the theory course. If you have sufficient understanding to reach the pass mark for the higher level course you will gain yourself the Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Certificate.....even if you were only aiming at Coastal !

The assumed knowledge before starting this course is a level equivalent to Day Skipper Theory.

Can I fast track to Yachtmaster theory?

Passing Day Skipper theory first is not compulsory.

An experienced sailor with a good understanding of navigational theory and COLREGS (Rules of the Road) already can go straight to Yachtmaster Theory without doing Day Skipper Theory first. There is quite a lot of re capping on the basics like using charts, converting magnetic bearings to true, plotting positions on a chart and courses to steer.

Those who have not already learned navigational skills up to a Day Skipper level before tackling this course, may struggle to complete the course in the timescale suggested, but if you are determined to keep plugging away and filling those knowledge holes then RYA Yachtmaster Theory is a good 'everything you need to know' course to aim for.

Full Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Syllabus